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Listing 297 - Charming Cape Cod - Third from Ocean

Hi Duane, 

I just wanted to thank you for putting this site together.  I joined last year even though I still had my listing until this March, 2018 with the original VRBO.  Where in the past I received numerous requests from VRBO, I never received one inquiry since last spring.  Even with my limited weeks opened, all of my new inquiries are from VRLBI.  I only have 1 week left over Labor Day.

The old way still works great!

Thank you, again.

Ann Fagan, Surf City NJ


Listing 91 - New Victorian Home! Walk to Everything,Center of Town! 

Hello again Duane,

Thanks again for your help in the past.   You have developed a very good and functional website.   Thank you very much for your hard work and constantly making it better! !!  We are now fully rented thanks to your website  !!! Great development and great support  !   

Barry Blanchard , Beach Haven, NJ


Listing 137 - 3 Houses to the beach


My experience with Vacation Rentals LBI, as a duplex owner has been a fantastic experience. I found the software easy to navigate and I was able to present our home in sharp professional manner. The response was wonderful. I was able to check very quickly on open weeks and keep track of all rental activity. Duane was only a call away to help with any difficulties that may have arose. One stop shopping for both renters and owners.

Thank you Duane for a successful professional experience. I would encourage anyone looking for the ideal vacation rental to use Vacation Rentals LBI.


Gail and Bob Lotz, Brighton Beach, NJ


Listing 156 - Holgate - Ocean and Bay views! One house from beach

Hi Duane, 

We just renewed our subscription yesterday and wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your service. 

We just bought our home in January of last year, so last fall was our first off-season cycle.  75% of our 2018 summer rentals are through VRLBI.  We even picked up a 3 month (Jan-Mar) off season rental through you from the project manager for the dredging co. doing work on the island. Talk about found money… 

One question- Our VRLBI sign mysteriously disappeared last year.  Would it be possible to order a new one? 


Paul Kasian, Holgate NJ


Listing 226 - Surf City - Large Oceanfront Gem!

VRLBI  has permitted me to augment my rental market beyond the efforts of my respective realtors.   I have been able to rent more difficult off season weeks that perhaps would be unobtainable, and I have cultivated a rapport with tenants which has resulted in repeat rentals.  Additionally, I have experienced excellent service response in the event that I have  technical or marketing questions. 

Ed Gilroy, Surf City NJ


Listing 735 - Surf City - "Oasis by the Sea" 

If you own a rental property on LBI then listing with VRLBI is a MUST!

I recently purchased a home on LBI and listed it with both VRLBI and VRBO. 

Let’s start with the bad – VRBO. With VRBO, I initially chose the “Pay per Book” option. This cost me 5% of my gross rent in booking fees + a 3% credit card fee – so they took 8% out of my pocket – and I still haven’t received any of the money – I don’t get paid until after the tenant stays at my house even though VRBO collected the money 60+ days earlier. The 4 bookings that I got through VRBO cost me over $1000 in fees. To lower these fees, I switched to their subscription fee and that cost me another $500. Furthermore, it is virtually impossible to speak with potential renters. All correspondence with potential renters is through VRBO’s website, and they monitor the communication and sometimes alter it.

Now the good - VRLBI! With VRLBI, I chose the Bronze package and only paid a flat rate of $249 for a yearly subscription fee (but next year I’m going to go for the Silver or Gold package). Like most people, I was hesitant to drop $249 on a website, but it was well worth it! Through the VRLBI site, I was able to communicate directly with potential renters either through emails or phone calls. Within 3 weeks of listing my property, I booked 9 weeks through VRLBI (again, only 4 through VRBO in the same time period). I paid $0 in booking fees and $0 in credit card fees. ALL OF THE RENT CAME DIRECTLY TO ME! I was able to negotiate directly with tenants, I was paid deposit money immediately, and I was able to discuss other issues (pets, linens, handicapped accessibility) directly with my tenants. The VRLBI process was much easier VRBO’s.

I will surely list with VRLBI every season! I highly recommend VRLBI to anyone looking to list their LBI property and an additional nominal fee to feature and/or Feature your property is also worth the investment.

Mike – Surf City Owner


Listing 620 - Holgate - Stunning OCEAN FRONT side-by-side home with panoramic ocean views

Your website has significantly helped rent my LBI property this season, I want to congratulate you on providing an excellent service to achieve a full rental season.  You were very responsive and were able to accommodate my requests immediately.  One criteria that is important to me, is that you returned my phone calls in a timely manner.  I would highly recommend your website and your service, for LBI rentals to my family and friends.  Bottom Line – my property is fully booked!  

Al Hayat - Owner, Holgate NJ


Listing 583 - Brant Beach - Indulge in Luxury at Seaplace

Just wanted to say thank you for all your technical assistance this season! We did have two vacant weeks in July but on the other hand we were able to rent the last two weeks of August, which we did not do last year. I did get a lot of inquiries and I think it helped that we had that extra $49 add-on to show our home as "featured." I will be in touch next spring and see if there are any extra things we can do to get our place rented for the whole summer.  We have been very happy with vrlbi - we still get a lot of requests from VRBO but we send them over to your site to book directly with us. Next year we will make the decision as to whether we will continue to list with both sites or only vrlbi.  Thanks again for all your help and we will be in touch at a later date. You have a great "product" and we wish you continued success!

Maura Kearns - Owner, Brant beach NJ